The Five Great Athletes That Never Played

Who were the Five great athletes of all time? What about the best five athletes who ever lived? How about the five best players who came out of college football, basketball and track and field? The first five men on this list are Muhammad Ali, Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Bo Jackson and Roger Staubach.

Five great athletes

Muhammad Ali is probably the most well known athlete of all time. He is the only athlete ever to win six world titles, as well as the first boxing world champion. He was also an excellent kicker and punter as a long-time football player at University of Alabama. Ali had such a unique combination of skills that he was able to overcome almost any adversity and win at all times.

Joe Montana played football for the University of Montana, which at the time was one of the top colleges in the country. Montana played for two different coaches, but he is best known for his time at the University of Alabama and for his record setting passing statistics. Montana is the only quarterback to ever complete more than 60 passes in a season, and he is the second all-time leading passer in NCAA history. His two years at Alabama are still one of the most celebrated in college football history.

Bo Jackson was the running back and running away for the greatest offensive performance by any college team ever. He is the only player to rush for over 2200 yards at the University of Texas. Bo Jackson was also the first to ever pass for three hundred yards and become the first player to ever rush for three hundred yards in a game and rush for two hundred and twenty yards against Oklahoma State.

Roger Staubach played football for the University of Southern California. He was the starting quarterback for many college football teams, including the famous USC Trojans. He was also the quarterback on two national championship teams at Alabama, and he rushed for over 1,000 yards, which is still the second most ever in college football history. Roger Staubach was also a great punter, and one of the top kickers in college history. In fact, he made a field goal from fifty feet or more than any other kicker has done before.

There is still a good debate as to who would have won the NFL championship game between Tom Brady and Joe Montana if they had started each game. However, Roger Staubach is probably the most dominant of them all, and likely the greatest of the group. As you can see, there are some great athletes on this list that you may not have considered that would have been on the top list if they were not part of this list.